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travelling with cats

25 10:10:21

Hi Patt,
We are moving from upstate NY to Florida and I'm wondering how I'm going to take my three cats. They hate the ride to the vet only 30 minutes away and they pant and meaw non stop. I don't want to think about being in the same car with them for two days. We are also taking the pick up truck. Maybe a large cage in the back? Any suggestions?

Hi Jo
What I would do is get a large crate, put something they smell of yours in it with toys.
Cover three sides, only the front open, this is how I taught my birds to transport.
Play the radio and loud.!
Keep water for stopping to give them a drink and I feel they will do just fine.  It is seeing things moving outside the auto that is frightening to them.
Take along their sand tray for pooping, etc.  Feed, dishes, towels.
The Best and I feel if u cover the sides they will ride good.

Kind Regards