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FOLLOW UP- kitten

25 10:08:34

hi again,
had to submit as new question because the webpage won't accept too many follow ups.
Well, if you mean connection flights in the US, no I don't have any, my first and last stop in the US will be Dulles. But before I reach Dulles I would be flying from Bahrain and stoping in Qatar for 4 hours transit (both bahrain & qatar are in the middle east), then it would be a long 14 hrs flight all the way to Dulles.
and yes I checked again if they would allow me to check my kitten in as ex baggage, but unfortunately they will only check her in as cargo.
Is this info enough?
btw, I appreciate all your help :)

You need to check Qatar airline cargo that 4 hrs will be enough
time to make the connection to your 2nd flight from Qatar to Dulles.
What is your arrival time in Dulles?

I suggest you consider the following possibilities:
Since the cat has to travel as cargo anyway;
Using Lufthansa via Frankfurt; KLM via Amsterdam; or British Air
via London; then on to Dulles.  The total journey will be broken
more in half.  All these airlines have excellent facilities to care
for the pet during connection.  You can still fly Qatar if you wish.
Based on many years experience, I think this would be much better
for the cat.  You could consign the cat to me; I would pickup, clear
customs and meet up with you upon your arrival.
If you and the cat were to arrive near the same time, my charge
for everything would be about $200
Give it some serious thought