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dog at national parks

25 10:10:09

would it be a bad idea to bring my 16 wk old lab to a national
park? we have a 4 day trip planned with every member of the
house going... we could prolly have a family member stay at my
home but would love to bring her (the dog)....thanks..  

Sounds like fun.  The dog will enjoy a chance to play wolf.  Bears, alligators, etc. are not very respectful of pets.  Check ahead and beware of no pets restrictions.  Be a responsible dog owner, keep leashed where required, and clean up bowel movements where other people will be around.  An easy way is to use a plastic bag, bread wrapper, the sleeve from newspaper, etc.  Slip the bag over your hand, pick up the stools, turn the bag over, and deposit in a trash can.  Avoid ones next to a picnic table, etc.  I also go ahead and use dumpsters behind restaurants and so forth.  Sometimes I wonder what the dog thinks when I have to put it in the trunk and haul it elsewhere.  

At 16 weeks, housebreaking can be iffy. Be alert for restlessness in strange places and take it out whenever there is any doubt.  Better a few extra trips out than one accident.  Take the crate if you are using one.