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Terrier to Taipei

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My wife and I are going to spend several years in Taiwan teaching English as a Second language.  We would like to take our healthy 12 year old 22lb Western White Highland Terrier("Blinkers")with us.  We would like to fly from New York to Paris in July 3rd, and then from Paris to Taipei on August 7th, 2008.  Several questions:  1.Can "Blinkers" accompany us on the flight to France?  What papers does he have to have to disembark in Paris?  I will be sure to book a direct flight.  2.  Can Blinkers accompany us on the flight to Taipei?  If there has to be a change of planes, (say in Dhota and Bangkok) does he have to have papers to enter both countries, or can he pass directly through to as cargo?  What papers are needed to get him into Taiwan?   Is this something I can handle on my own, or would I be better contracting with a dog transporter, even though I would like to have the dog accoompany us on our flights?   So many thanks.  Jeremy.

Dear Jeremy
Thanks for the question.  This will be a loooong answer
and will probably take several followups.  No problem
First for Taipei:  visit:   This will
help a lot.  Also, contact the NY USDA office in Albany at
518.457.3971   They have info on their www re: Taipei and
they can email or fax this to you.  You can also reach this
info by going to p.5 of my:  
and clicking on USDA and follow thru.
I would advise you to contact the Taiwan authorities for
all specifics RATHER than depend upon a pet shipper.
For France:  Microchip with iso 11784 or iso 11785 chip.
Rabies vaccination right after microchip so vac is at
least 30 days old and less than 1 yr.  EU certificate
that will be bi-lingual english-french (this cert can be
up to 4 mos old at time of travel.  This cert is NOT a
health cert) and then, the aphis 7001 international health
cert issued within 10 days of travel.  These certs MUST be
endorsed by usda (the one in Albany)  Be sure AT ALL TIMES
to be working with an accredited veterinarian who can sign
international certs.  Not all vets are.  Just ask.
Since Taiwan will require blood lab work this may be a good
time to do it!  Lab work can only be done at Kansas State
Univ.  Your vet should be able to follow thru with this.
You have choice from NY to use: Air France, American,
Continental and Delta for a non-stop flight to Paris. Shop
around for best ticket price.  Blinkers can go with you on
all these as excess baggage, which will be cheaper and he
would clear customs with you in Paris.  Continental has a
different price structure and may be more expensive.
To Taipei will be a little more difficult.
From Paris to Taipei I do not show any direct flights.
Cathay Pacific (CX)  goes with connections in Hong Kong.
I can NOT recommend this.
The absolute best I can find based upon todays schedules is:
China Air with a non-stop from Frankfurt.
The following have Direct flights with 1 stop from
Amsterdam: EVA, KLM, China Air.  I do not know where these
stops are.  A direct flight with 1 stop would be better than
a connecting flight.
Should you decide to go to AMS or FRA for a flight to
TPE, then, get a EU pet passport from a French Veterinarian.
To my knowlege you should be able to take Blinkers on ALL
these flights as ex bag (not in the cabin)  However, you
will need to determine this from the various airlines.
If he would have to travel as cargo, he could be on the
same flight but the cost would be more.  In any event he
would be in the same area of the plane.
You should be able to do this all yourself.  Pet shippers
with the exception of myself, can be very expensive.
Please feel free to call me or email me further as it is
quite possible I have left something out.
Most sincerely,   and   Happy New Year
Jerry Mishler