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Vacation activities for pets

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My husband and I will be staying on the main strip in Gatlinburg in a couple of weeks.  For the first time we are taking our 2 yorkies on a getaway trip with us. Can you tell me (or tell me how to find) activities there that we would be allowed to bring our dogs in with us?  I realize most food establishments will not allow it, but wondered about museums, stores, etc. We look forward to strolling down the sidewalk with them, but wondered about any places we could plan on taking them inside.  Thank you for any help you can give - or any other tips!

Vacation destinations tend to be pet unfriendly.  We were so glad we left our dog with friends 2 years ago when we traveled South.  The alligators at the Okefenokee swamp would have eaten her, service dog tag and all.  In Florida, many motels had big signs welcoming pets, but it seemed the restaurants and other places have unfriendly no dogs allowed.  We can argue that our puppies have service dog tags, but since they are not working dogs, we may lose.  

Avoid food establishments.  Most states forbid pets where food is served or even sold.  Stay away from larger stores.  Wal-Mart forbids pets.  A small store with a dog loving owner, may let you in.  Outdoor flea markets may let the dogs in.  Do they like to swim?  After a dip in a pond or stream, they can take walks in the hottest weather.  If not, you can abuse them with a water spray bottle.

Do not leave them in the car.  Also clean up after them.  One easy way to handle bowel movements is to carry a few plastic bags, bread wrappers work fine.  I use the slips the paper comes in wet mornings.  Put it over your hand, pick up the bowel movement, turn the bag inside out, and deposit it is a trash can away from people.  If everybody did that, we would see fewer no dogs signs.