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I am geting a golden retiever pup in two weeks and needed to know if I could just sit the pup on my lap for the drive home, Also how long does it normaly take for a pup to settle in his new home?


   Golden Retrievers are great dogs and make ideal pets. It is always recommend that you place a dog or puppy in a crate or kennel carrier while transporting them in a vehicle. However, considering the stress of the situation this may be difficult to do. I suggest that you place a kennel or crate in the backset and loop the seatbelt there the top handle. Call ahead to the breeder and ask that they place an old unwanted article of clothing or an old towel in the puppy's mothers bedding to retain her scent. Place this article and the puppy together in the crate for the ride home.
You can sit in the back seat with the puppy if you have someone else able to drive, if the puppy becomes upset; than try and comfort him without removing him from the crate. (You want to try and avoid removing him; because now it not the time to communicate to him that fussing in his crate will get you to respond by removing him). If he becomes very upset, than as a last resort you can pull over and let him out to walk in some grass, depending on how long the trip is.
Additionally, as many puppies have never had the opportunity to ride in a car; he may become physically stressed and experience either vomiting or a bout of diarrhea or both, causing a mess on you and in the car.
As I feel crate training is the best way to help in housebreaking a new puppy, this method will allow him to become introduced to a crate and help in teaching him that being in the crate provides security.
Finally, being as Golden's are very intelligent dogs he should come to adjust fairly quickly, and become comfortable in his new home rapidly. I would love to provide some great tips on housetraining, basic training, and nutrition. If you are interested get back to me, and I will provide you with some supportive information that will help ensure you start him off on the right track and help to avoid future behavioral problems and a various list of aliments.
Just as well, please feel free to get back to me with any additional questions or concerns. I wish you a long and loving lifetime with your new companion, as the loyalty and affection we receive from these wonderful creatures is unsurpassed.
                                                                                                      All the best,