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Moving 1000 miles with my cat

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I am moving from Vancouver, Canada to Carson City, Nevada.  I will be driving and plan to stop overnight at a motel that allows pets.  My cat, Sathi, is a Ragdoll and about seven years old.  I have a "walking jacket" for him, but I haven't taught him to walk on a leash yet.  Would it be better to have a disposable litter box in the back seat or try to stop and walk him?  Or stop and take the litter box out and try to get him to use it?  What about food and water?  I have traveled with a dog, but not with a cat.  He likes to sit in his soft carrier when the doors are open, so I think he will be OK in the car once he gets used to it.  I just don't know how to handle the nuts and bolts of traveling.  Any ideas will be appreciated.  I don't think shipping would work.  I'll check with my vet before I leave and see if he suggests any meds.

Dear Linda
I regret that I am NOT an expert regarding cat travel by car.  My
expertise is with air travel and acting as a pet travel agent!
Within the All Expert program, if you search 'Cat Travel' you will
find a listing for Cat Training and Behavior called 'Dear Tabbi'
This may be an excellent place for you to begin.
Again, sorry this is not my field.  Good luck
Jerry Mishler