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relocate a dog from Brazil to UK

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my little dog
my little dog  
QUESTION: what the procedure to relocate a dog from Brazil to UK? Is there an easy way going from Brazil to an EU country then UK? Is there any agency that can be responsible for everything?

ANSWER: Where are you now?  The best advice that I can give you is to:
contact DEFRA in the UK  There is a link to them from my website.
Dog will need microchip. rabies vac then blood titre tests.  Be
prepared to wait at least 6 mos after blood test to ship to UK; 3 mos
for rest of EU  Going thru the continent will probably endup costing
you more than direct to UK
If you visit:   you will find some pet shippers in
Brazil.  Be prepared to pay thousands of dollars MORE than if you can
do this yourself.
You can quarantine the dog in UK for six months as well.
Hope this helps
Regards, Jerry Mishler
p.s.  Do NOT use some 3rd party pet shipper is USA as this will cost
you even more than the ones in Brazil

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am in Brazil at moment, going back to UK in 2 weeks time. I think I could take the  dog to have the microchip,rabies vac and blood test  now, but Are all the vets registered to do it? Even If I do all this  then wait 6 months in Brazil before I ship her to UK, she will have to stay in quarantine? If I send her to France or ITaly with me she can flight on the cabine, but then How long she would have to stay in the country before go to UK? Would she have to stay in quarentine in UK going from EU country?

Again.  I can not repeat this enough times.  You MUST wait 3 months
after blood test to take dog to EU on the continent; 6 mos wait to UK
Again, please contact DEFRA for all these questions.  They will
address these issues much better than I.
If you follow these requirements, there should be NO quarantine anyplace
for your pet.
Regards, Jerry