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Need help.....

25 10:07:33

Hi sir,
I am planning to travel along with my lab dog from hyderabad(india) to New York(Usa). I am really worried abt the traveling, i heard that Lufthansa is the best airlines for pets. so i am planning to travel by Lufthansa only. this is the first time for my pet for traveling via plane. So what r all the things i need to take care while traveling. does she need sedation ? Can i feed her while traveling ? Can i give her water ? Please let me know all the details before the journey date. Is there any imp things i need to take care of while traveling ?

please clear all my doubts.
Thanks for Ur time.

I and other pet shippers have addressed these issues many, many,
many times........ We continue to repeat ourselves regarding safety
and sedation......
NO sedation... NO food during travel.  No food for several hours
before travel. Water ok.
Lufthansa is your best choice