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Guatemala travel

25 10:09:14

Jerry, I read your e-mail about traveling with a dog to Guatemala.  Do you have the e-mail address for contact information to travel to US to Guatemala with a small dog and back.  My dog has been updated with all immunizsaitons needed but, I need to know what paper work is needed to accompany me and make my trip easy both ways.  I will carry him on with me for the two hour trip.


Dear Merri
I wish I could produce the magic wane to give you the info you want!
However, I can only direct you to some good sources!
Both the USDA and IPATA web sites are sorely lacking in info re:
Guatemala.  My best advice is to contact the Guatemalan Embassy in
Washington, D.C. or one of their consulates.  The latest info I have
indicates an import permit might be required!!  Do you have someone
in Guatemala who could get info for you right on the spot?
What airline are you flying on? From what city?  They are a good
source of info as they must check your paperwork.  Call their
passenger reservation desk.  American, Delta, and Taca all have
direct flights from certain U.S. cities.  Also, Continental as well.
You might try contacting: Lisa Schoppa at CO.  She is VERY knowledgeable and helpful in these situations.  E-mail:     She is in Houston
Try contacting USDA in whichever state you are in.  They may have
something new that is not on their www.  Contact your local
veterinarian for their #
You certainly will need:  aphis 7001 international health cert
and endorsed by usda.  This must be less than 10 days old at time of
travel.  Depending on how long you will be in Guatemala, this cert
may still be good for return, or, you may need a new health cert
issued in Guatemala upon your return to USA.  Also, a valid rabies
cert.  These will be all you need for return to USA.
Are you sure you can take dog into cabin of the airplane you are
going on??
Also, an excellent source of info:  Jack Russo at Bobbi's World
Pet Shipping in Ft Lauderdale, FL  tel: 954.491.8189
Hope this proves helpful.  Let me know, please
Regards, Jerry Mishler