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Shipping pet from Johannesburg to Toronto

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Q. I want to fly with my cocker spaniel english( 19kgs)as checked baggage from Johannesburg to Toronto , please  advise for the same ;

1.Which is the best airline or airlines should I fly with.
2.Where should I buy the pet kennel in which he will be shipped as checked baggage.

I have met with Canadian food agency in London(Ontario)and fulfilling all the requirements they want, now I have to fulfill requirements of an airline .

Please reply with your helpful comments.


Dear Sreekant
I might be wrong, but I think all pets leaving JNB  MUST travel only
as cargo.  I know that all pets entering JNB must be as cargo only
I highly recommend you contact Julius at:   tel 27 12 480 2031
He can give you ALL the facts. He probably has kennels available.
I would recommend: Lufthansa, KLM or Air France. Shop around for best
price.  British Air as well, but they will ONLY take pet thru UK as
cargo ONLY for sure.
Hope this helps.  Please let me know how this works out for you.
Regards, Jerry Mishler