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Shipping dog to the UK from the US

25 10:08:00

My AIr Force son was moved to a base in England, I have his dog and need to get him shipped from Seattle, Wa to England.  I am having a difficult time culling through all of the info on line.  Do you know of an airline that flys out of Seattle straight thru to the UK that I can use?  Also, how do I check to be sure he has the correct micro chip.....I have everything else done.

Dear Judith
Your veterinarian should know about the microchip, etc.  Afterall,
I am sure you are paying them plenty.....
Visit the DEFRA website.  There is a link to them from my www.
It will tell you what microchip to use.  Then, your vet can scan
the dog for the mircrochip #
British Air has a non stop flight from Seattle to Heathrow.  Their
booking phone # is: 888.578.4806  They will tell you all you need to
know and to do.
Hope this helps
Regards, Jerry Mishler