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Moving 4 cats to the Philippines

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QUESTION: Hi there
We have 4 cats aging between 14/17 years old, they have been close all their lives and always cuddle up together.Is it possible that they could go into the one pet carrier as I do not think they could cope separately. We want to take them from the UK to the Philippines, a long journey for them. Thank You.

ANSWER: Dear Anne
IATA and all other regulations mandate that the adult pets MUST travel
in separate kennels.  They WILL cope separately.  I guarantee.....
It is NOT a good idea to ship them together even if you could.
What are your flight plans from UK?  Be sure to meet ALL entry
requirements for Philippines....
Due to their age, I highly recommend very stringent health exams
including blood work to check kidney and liver functions, and for
overall health.  Your cats are approaching late middle age so should
be well examined.....
Since quarantine will not be an issue, etc, you might want to
consider a break in the journey, such as USA, or someplace along the
way.  I can advise better once I know your flight plans.
Sincerely, Jerry Mishler

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QUESTION: Dear Jerry
Thanks for your quick response, and good advice.We have at present not made any flight plans although when we go over it is usually uk with a stopover at Doha then Manila then a domestic flight.We are hoping to go over October/November and we were thinking of using a Petrelocation Company who would take care of everything for us as they are just too important to us to try and attempt it ourselves ive heard so much can go wrong. Regards Anne

Pardon me for butting in.  Seems you have many options for travel...
Do you have business in Doha?  If not, have you thought about:
KLM from Amsterdam non-stop to Manila?  Only 12 1/2 hrs
Many ways to get from London to Amsterdam....
Do you usually take the cats as excess baggage?  Much cheaper and
they clear customs with you.  May even take one or two in the cabin
if you so wish!!!
I really do not think you need a pet shipper.  Just costs a lot
more money.  Very easy to set up ex bag travel.  Ask me!
I love to think about this type travel.
Where do you go in PI?  I was there as a tourist in March 1979 for
three weeks. Just loved it.
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