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international permit

25 10:07:15


I am planning to buy/adapt 2 Schnoodle/Havanese in Florida for my kids in
Turks & Caicos Islands. But I saw on that I would need to
acquire an International Permit to travel with pets. How do I go about getting
one, and how long does it take to get, as I will only be in Florida for 2-3days.
Please advise?

Hi Jasett,

It's hard to say how long it will take to get your permit. You'll have to speak to the authorities at Turks and Caicos to find out what their requirements are and how long it takes to process the paperwork.

I had some trouble finding information specific to your situation on the web but the following contacts should know the answers.

TCI Chief Customs Officer
Customs Department
South Base, Grand Turk
Tel: 649-946-2993/4
Fax: 649-946-2887

Grand Turk

Immigration Department

South Base, Grand Turk
Tel: 649-946-2939
Fax: 649-964-2924

I hope this helps at least get you to the people who can answer your question.


Chris Shoulet
Dogtravel Company