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Relocating from Gothenburg SWEDEN to Dubai

25 10:08:33

Hi Jerry,  
My husband and I are relocating to Dubai in the fall and we would like to take our beloved little Danish/Swedish Farmdog with us.  We have already begun with the rabies vaccination which would mean he will be ready to relocate beginning of October.  I would like to have the most convenient and comfortable way for him to travel as he is quite a nervous dog when it comes to loud noises etc.  Do you have any recommended "pet relocators" in Sweden you might suggest we contact for more information and prices etc?  
Thanking you in advance.  K'rgds Marisa

Dear Marisa
I strongly urge you to contact Dubai Kennels for ALL entry assistance
and requirements.
The more you can do yourself in Sweden the best.
Check into using: Lufthansa, SAS or KLM  They all take excellent
care of pets during travel.  Entry into UAE MUST be as cargo ONLY.
Contact the airline cargo office directly for help in Sweden.
Do NOT sedate the dog under any circumstances.
Let me know how this goes for you
Good Luck
Jerry Mishler