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I am planning to travel from Bahrain to the USA (washington IAD) on the 4th of August, and I have a 3 months old kitten that I want to bring along. what are the requirement and certifications needed for my kitten?
Another thing, the airlines I am traveling with does not allow pets in the cabin. Only with cargo and I am kindoff worried to ship my kitten with cargo, especially that the flight is about 18 hours with transit. I am not be able to afford pet relocators expenses. Any recommendations regarding shipping my kitten with cargo??

btw, she will be 4 months and a half by the date of my departure.

thanks in advance

ANSWER: What airline will you travel on?
You should be able to check the cat in as excess baggage (not in the
cabin)  Contact the passenger reservation people of the airline for
price and other info.  It is perfectly safe.  Pets travel all over
the world this way everyday.....
Only requirement for entry into USA is a health certificate issued
within 10 days of travel and a rabies vaccination.  The airline will
also confirm this.
During connections the airline will take excellent care of the pet.
Do NOT feed the cat for several hours before travel.  No food during
travel. Water is ok.  Do NOT sedate the cat.
Let me know if I can be of further help
Do NOT worry....
Sincerely, Jerry Mishler

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I will be traveling on Qatar Airways.
They will only check my kitten in as cargo.
But won't she feel hungry during the flight? its a long flight about 18 hours!
So u think I should check her in as cargo with no worries??

ANSWER: Yes.  She probably will feel hungry... The options are: to feed her
just before travel.  Then, she will need to go to the toilet.  She
will either hold it and be very miserable or sick during the trip.
Or, she will relieve herself and it will be a horrible mess for you
when you claim her at the end of the trip.
After years of doing this, my suggestion is to NOT feed her for at
least 8 hours before the trip and be sure she goes to the toilet.
If Qatar airlines says cargo only, that is your only option.  Again,
she will be fine.
Regards, Jerry

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for helping me feel releifed :)
I have another question though,
do you know how the claiming process of my kitten will take place once I reach washington (IAD)? I mean will it take a long time, and where do I go to claim her?

thanks alot

If the kitten were to come with you as excess baggage, you would
claim her with your baggage, then go thru customs and you are on
your way.
If you must ship her as cargo, then you would have to go to the
cargo building to claim her, then clear customs.  Much depends upon
arrival time.
Do you have a connecting flight, or is it the same plane all the way
with maybe just a stop?  If you make a complete connection, the
airlines require much more time for cargo connections than just
passenger and excess baggage.
Provide me with your complete travel plans.  Did you check again to
see if you can check the cat as ex bag, and NOT need to do as cargo?
In any case, if you need assistance picking up the cat and/or customs
at Dulles, this is where I can help.