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about cats

25 10:10:03

Hi there,
i have some questions about cats..
hope u can help me finding an answer for them..

A month ago, I've got a Persian kitten (about 3-months old)
i've got him from my brother's friend and i have no idea about how was he living before
and since i've got him there's some weard sound coming from his chest
it sound like the human chest when it's infected
I mean the sound of his breathing is not normal
and sometimes he keep sneezing continously
i took him to a vet and he said he's having a kind of flu..
and he gave me an anti biotic syrub..
but he didn't get better until now..
i'm really worring about him..
this is just his only illness..
he eat well and he gained a little wait lately..
so please what do u think is his problem
and how can i help on it ?

i've bought a medicine for cleaning the ears of the cat
it kills the tick and flea..
my question is how often should i use it? once a week??

i'm thinking about getting another kitten
and I'm thinking about a female.. so I can have new kittens from them
so, is it ok if I got a new born female..
could they live together without having problem if they are in different age?
And can I mix the breeds? If I got another breed rather than Persian can they get along together?

Thanks 4 ur help..
And I need any kind of help cuz I'm a new cat owner

kind regards,

I am no expert on cats.  As for the medicine, likely it came with directions.  Follow them the best you can.  Otherwise I think most of what you ask should work out.  Do you have good homes for all the kittens they will produce?  What about all the cats slaughtered at the animal shelters for lack of good homes?  Get him fixed, and any other cats you get.  The shelters will be delighted to let you have all the cats you want as long as you don't breed more for them to have to slaughter.