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India to Greece

25 10:04:55

I am trying to find out on behalf of some friends who live in India, but are relocating to Greece, what documentation is needed to transfer their 2 German Shepherd Dogs with them.  The dogs were issued with a pet passport in the UK in March 2009, and travelled on the 17th April to India, but the owners now need to go to Greece.  I know that the pet passport would not allow them back to the UK, as India does not participate in the scheme, but what about Greece.  Your advice would be appreciated.

My advice:  Contact DEFRA anyway.  They have many contact sources.  Also, from
my homepage.  There is a major link to the EU and Pet Passport program.
Contact Greece authorities direct.  Contact Greek embassy or consulate near where
the dogs are now.
You can NOT do better than get the correct info direct from the horses' mouth