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Moving 3 shiu tzu from canada to Hong kong

25 10:09:34

Hello Rachel,

I am planning move back to my home country early next year and would like to bring my 3 dogs along.  Can you outline  the step-by-step transportation procedure?  If all my dogs are over 10 years of age and are healthy, will it be safe (from a health perspective) to ship them back?

Hi Diana,

Thank you for your inquiry.  Have you been to our website to review the Rules & Regulations for sending pets to Hong Kong? That is a great place to start:
We can handle the door-to-door transportation of your dogs.  We assist you with everything from the government endorsement in Canada, pick up at your residence, delivery to the airport, etc. and then customs clearance and delivery to your new residence in Hong Kong.
If your Shih Tzus are in relatively good health, they should have no problem flying.  Shih Tzus are at risk due to their snub-noses, but if you get them a crate one size larger, with plenty of ventilation, they should do just fine.

If you would like a quote for door-to-door transport, please check out our Contact Us page and fill out an online form indicating you heard about us on AllExperts.  It will then be routed to me, and I can give you a quote based off of the detailed information provided.

Thank you, Diana!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Rachel Farris