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Moving cat from Tanzania to USA

25 10:06:00

My contract in Tanzania is ending soon but I've become very attached to my two cats I've adopted from here.  I was looking at the USDA website about bringing cats into the USA and as far as I can tell, there seem to be no specific instructions for bringing in a pet cat and no mention of quarantines.  Do you know if my cats will have to be quarantined once back in the USA?  I will probably be entering through New York City.  Also, are there any special American forms I need to have filled out by my Tanzanian vet or specific vaccination requirements for foreign pets in the State of New York?  Thanks!

There would be no quarantine.  All you need for entry into USA is
health cert issued within 10 days of travel and a valid rabies vac
cert.  Recommend cats be current on ALL vacs.
Bring them with you as excess baggage if you can.  Much cheaper and
would clear customs with you.
Happy travels
Jerry Mishler