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traveling with a dog through London

25 10:09:24

I was wondering if it is possible to bring a dog through London Heathrow? I am
traveling from Los Angeles to Nice via Heathrow and would like to bring my
Chiuahua/terrier mix. I always travel with her, and carry her on because she's
only 7lbs.

Dear Tammi
Thanks for the email.  Yes, your little dog can travel thru London.
BUT, and this is a BIG BUT!!  She MUST travel as cargo!  You can NOT
take her in the cabin, or even as excess baggage.  There is NO way
around this.  And, cargo connections can require at least 6 to 8
You will be much better advised to take a flight thru the continent
itself.  Very possible to take her into the cabin.  No law against
this, but you must check out the airline policies.
Be sure you meet ALL European Union regulations for entry into Italy.
Microchip, rabies vaccination at least 30 days and less than 1 year
at time of travel.  APHIS 7001  International Health cert.  this cert MUST be less than 10 days old at time of travel.  AND,
the eu form 998  bi-lingual (eng-italian) version.  ALL paperwork
MUST be endorsed by USDA
Should you need, or want, any more info, please do not hesitate to
contact me.   Have a real nice trip.  I envy you.
Sincerely, Jerry Mishler