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Bringing a new puppy from the US to Amsterdam

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Hello, I currently live in Brussels Belgium and I am buying a new puppy from Seattle Washington.  I will be flying to pick up the puppy and bring him back with me.  I've checked with the airline and he can travel with me - as baggage, under my seat.  My question is when I arrive in Amsterdam, what do they require in order to let me bring the new dog into their country.  I will have a special flight certificate of health and his "breeder documents".  Do I need anything else and will I have to pay an import tax or anything?  Thank you in advance for your response!!!  Sincerely,  Lori

Dear Lori    Sorry for delay.  I had a long email for you yesterday
then hit the wrong button and lost everything.
I will give you a shorter version now, then if you have more
questions, let me know.
Refer to:  for pet shippers both in Belgium and in
Netherlands.  All being EU countries they can best deal with the
issues of customs, etc.  NO one in USA could be so helpful.
A dog over 4 mos old would need: microchip. Rabies vac at least
30 days old and less than 1 yr.  APHIS 7001 international health
cert issued within 10 days of flight;  Most important: the EU form
998 which records microchip and rabies info.  This would be bi-lingual
eng-dutch.  ALL cert must be endorsed by usda.
How old will this dog be at time of travel?  Anticipated weight?
Some countries will allow dogs under 4 mos of age to enter without
the rabies vac.  Vet simply indicates on the above forms that dog is
to young for rabies vac.  Best to find out directly from Dutch
authorities.  Also, if you can contact Dutch customs as to how they
treat these situations re: customs fees, etc.
Let me know how else I can help
Sincerely, Jerry Mishler