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Cats in transit in UK

25 10:09:13

My cats will be travelling via British Airline from Italy (Bologna) to US (Texas) with one stop in London. They will spend one night there at the BA animal house. I would like to know if they will need to have the six months waiting period before travel in Italy? or the blood test is just enough? Also, I would like to know if you consider there is a  best route to send then to US? Thanks a lot!

Hi Lalica,

Thank you for your inquiry.  As long as you are transiting through London, you should not have a problem.  The pets will never leave the airport, so they will not have to fulfill the import requirements for the UK -- just the destination country import requirements.

There is nothing wrong with the routing you have selected as far as I can see -- BA will do a good job caring for them.

Happy travels!
Kind regards,
Rachel Farris