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bringing a puppy into the US from Canada

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Hi Patt

My son is going (driving) to Canada from the USA to visit a friend of his whose Grandparents bred French Bulldogs. The birth is 'expected' Jan 1st 2005 and he will be up there  in Feb,  the pups will be (approx) 6 weeks old. What does he have to do to bring a puppy back into the USA?


Chicago, Illinois

Hi Nina
To my knowledge from taking show horses into Canada from the U.S., that was many years ago, we were held in quarantine for hours for vet checks when they arrived.
It will need to be 8 weeks old, shots to date, that would not include a Rabi that young, but a ten day health certificate that is good for only ten days.
I am not sure if they hold the dog or just vet it quickly if at all?  They will check the papers for I flight alot of pups all over the country and the paper work is checked, drivers license to be shown, signatures.  Take food and water from the Breeder, do not give strange water to a puppy for a few days so take bottles along.  I do not think you will have much of a problem with a puppy as long as it is eight weeks with puppy shots, health certificate and drivers license, etc.  Good Luck

Warm Regards