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crossing us-canada border with dogs

25 10:04:56

My familiy and me are planning to take our three "kids" (dogs) to canada this summer in our camper. Any suggestions for what I may need at the border?

Really quite easy.  More difficult for yourselves since you will need passports.....
For pet travel, I recommend the  APHIS 7001 international health cert issued within 10 days of
travel (crossing boarder) and I recommend usda endorsement, but this probably is not required.
Rabies vac at least 30 days old and less than 1 year.  Be sure it is signed in ink by the vet
They often do not sign rabies certs......  Also, highly recommend microchips
When you cross boarder into Canada, ask both the U.S. customs people and the Canadian customs
if you will need anything else to return to USA.  Depending upon time, you might need a new
health cert.  I just don't know.  Easy for you to get this info.  Rabies vacs are the most
important.  Highly recommend pets be current on ALL vacs in case of any unforseen boarding, etc
Take bottled water for the dogs, and maybe for yourself.  Changes in water supply can often
cause digestive disturbances.
Hope this helps.  Let me know
Regards, Jerry Mishler