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travelling with ashes

25 10:10:21

Do you know what the rules are about bringing my cat's ashes  from the US to the UK?  She died in America but I would like to bring her ashes to England and bury her at home.  I know people do this with human ashes but is it legal to bring cat's? Thank you in advance

Hi Christine

To be simply and honestly truthful I am not certain, I might try and put them in my luggage and if checked say, I did not know I could not bring them with me, they certainly would not jail u for this.?

I would certainly feel this is legal and honest in doing, but in shipping I know how they hold my dogs in cargo from Germany for two hours to check them but ashes, sounds so simple I would just take them along with her/his shot record or vet record and show that and ask please let me bury my cat in the place I love.