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bring my pets to canada

25 10:04:45

hii,my name is Ravneet and i have recently came to calgary(canada) from india.I need to bring my pets to canada.I have 2 dogs of pug breed and each of them weigh about 9 kg's and each of them is 2 years old.I have their proper vaccination recod.I just need to know that how can i bring my pets to canada?? Please tell me any air service or any ship service which can help me to bring my dogs. Please help me, i really need my dogs here. please mail me on my id which is  

No ship service.   Visit:   contact pet shippers both in India and in Canada for
advice, airline selection, costs, etc
If there were a passenger, would be MUCH cheaper to bring pets as excess baggage.  Cargo is much
more expensive
Regards, Jerry