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Help Me Get A Soldiers Dog from Afghanistan to San Diego

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QUESTION: The San Diego Animal Support Foundation is helping to bring a soldiers dog home from Afghanistan to San Diego.  We thought we raised enough money to bring home three dogs @ the original quote of $2,600 per dog.  The people we are working with in Pakistan are now requiring more than $3,200 per dog, and that won't even get the dogs from New York to California!  They tell us we can't bring them out ourselves...that they must be shipped through their people, since we don't know the vet/certificate and shipping requirements.  I would go to Pakistan myself to pick up the dogs, but they say I can't do that, either.  Please help if you can let us know what we need to get the dogs from there to here!  Currently, we are being forced to leave one of the three dogs behind due to the expenses.  Please help with advice, if you can.

ANSWER: Off the top this sounds like a scam to me.  Do you know anything
about the San Diego Animal Support Foundation?  Are they legit?
You should check out several agencies such as: U.S. Dept of Defense;
U.S. State Dept; Dept of the Army; with your U.S. Representative and
Who are the people in Pakistan/Afghanistan you are working with?
Are they legit?
If you visit:   There are several members that I will
vouch for located in: Doha, Qatar; and Dubai, UAE   These people have
had much experience with pet shipping to/from these countries.
How do these people want to be paid?  If only Western Union or
Money Gram, you can certainly bet it is a scam.
Check this out very carefully before you get all emotionally involved.
I am an army veteran myself, and very sensitive to military needs.
Please keep in touch with me as to how this works out.
Regards, Jerry Mishler

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for calling our organization a scam.  We did not ask for any money, only hoped for advice, as we already raised the money from our donors.  If anyone has any ACTUAL experience getting dogs out of the middle east, into the US, please give us any advice re:  shipping, certificates, etc.  Thank you

If you had read my entire email you would have read that I gave you
some very good advice, contacting some pet shippers in that area.
You chose to ignore this.
I did NOT call your organization a scam.  You did NOT make clear that
you are that organization.  Your email read as if you as an individual had contacted this San Diego organization.  Don't blame
me.  I was only trying to help you as I encounter various forms of
pet scams every day.  I have a whole page on my website devoted to it.
Next time you send an email to someone for advice, make it more
clear who you are.
Your series of 1's for my feedback is totally ridiculous.  What do
you think this will do for you or your organization?
I do this expert thing as a free service.  I squeeze these in
between my paying jobs.  I only try to provide some good direction
as I thought I was doing for you, but was I ever fooled......
Maybe when this is over you will thank me for what I tried to do
based upon what you had told me.   Then, maybe you will raise my
scores to 2 or maybe even 3?