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passing through countries with my dogs. From Lebanon to Italy.

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I wish to travel from Lebanon to Bulgaria with my 8 Chihuahuas. Bulgaria being the first EU country I will come to; for onward trip to Italy.

Before my journey I will have had the dogs micro chipped, rabies vaccinated. I do not yet know what the other medical requirements are. I suppose some health certificate. Perhaps a Tick and tape worm treatment.

On the Turkish (government) website they state you can only bring one dog into the country, that I believe is information for those wishing to be resident. - but as I will be in transit, passing through Syria, through Turkey to Bulgaria, is there a number limit for the dogs for transit. I hope to get through Turkey, in a time comfortable for the dogs, a few days.
I believe that I can take dogs into Bulgaria, but do not know yet if there is a number limit.

The Bulgarian authorities require a health certificate no more than 24 hours old to say the animals are safe to travel from their home base! However, I shall have been on the road for a number of days, so I do not know how to deal with this, unless I find a local vet near the border of Turkey and Bulgaria. Language and search problems.

I shall then be travelling from Bulgaria to Italy, where I shall remain for over six months to meet the quarantine rule for entering the UK.

I shall during my stay in Italy be applying for a EU Pet Passport, as I shall have fulfilled all the requirements to re-enter the UK.

My problem is with the first stages of the Journey, from Lebanon, through Syria, through Turkey, through Bulgaria and finally into Italy for my long stay.

My dogs are house dogs. They have never been out in public in Lebanon. Back in the UK, they will have a better, freer life with a garden and local parks.

Can you please help me find the correct information for this trip.

With thanks.  Toni.

Dear Toni
I think you have bitten off more than you anticipated......
Your dogs will require: blood tests for rabies titre valuation, and then a 3 mos in home
quarantine before they can enter the EU.  The fact that you have more than 5 dogs also means that
this will be considered a commercial shipment.
Please review the link I have from my home page to the EU Pet Passport program
Are you making this drive for fun purposes or business?
If you must drive, you might consider having the dogs shipped by air after 90 days to Italy.
If they must drive with you, you will need to wait 90 days from date of blood draw.
The fact you drive thru Syria and Turkey will NOT help matters.