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Travel with Chinchillas and Rabbit

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QUESTION: I will be moving from Dallas, TX to Souda Bay, Greece. I have done loads of research to find the requirements on bringing my pets into the country. I know they are not required to have rabies vaccination or the microchip, but I'm still a bit confused on a couple of things.

FYI, I will be traveling with 2 chinchillas and 1 domestic house rabbit.

The only form I could locate online for the vet is one that states it's for dogs, cats and ferrets. Where do I locate the proper form to be filled out by my veterinarian for my exotic animals? The form I found also had information in regards to blood tests being done. I think that means if they get the rabies vaccination, correct? So my pets will not have to have their blood drawn?

I also found this statement on the US Embassy site and the Dept. of Agriculture - Greece site:


This is very vague to me. How do I know who the competent authority is to sign the certificate?

Can you please let me know the answers to the above questions as well as anything I may not have mentioned. I just need to make sure I follow all requirements to bring my pets with me. I don't want to have them denied entry when we get to Greece. I've been having a really tough time getting answers. Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear Stacy
The Comp Authority is simply the USDA office in the state.  This case
Texas.  Your vet should have their phone #  Call them for up to date
travel info.  Also, contact Greek consulate.  Also, the airline you
travel on.  I recommend Lufthansa.
On p.4 of my website   there is a link to
DEFRA   They have info for all the EU
Try to take pets as excess baggage.  The passenger reservation people
will tell you about this
Good luck.  I envy you as to where you are going.
Regards, Jerry Mishler
By the way, the cargo area is totally safe in spite of what you might
hear from a so called expert... (Really has no idea what she is
talking about.  Only promoting a VERY expensive sideline business
she has)  We have shipped pets such as yours all over the world with
no problems....

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I've tried contacting the Greek Consulate and never get a reply. The link on your website only offers information on movement of pets into the UK where the rules seem to be different than other EU countries. I know to check with the airlines about my pets; that's not my problem. My problem is that I'm finding info that states my animals are not required to have the rabies vaccination or the microchip, yet they require the veterinary certificate which wants info on the rabies vaccination and microchip.

Everything I find on every website I've gone to is incredibly contradicting to me. I've read it over for what feels like a million times and can't make sense of it and no one at the Consulate or Embassy will ever return my emails.

I'm still at a loss.


Again, I say, contact DEFRA.  They may be in UK, but they have info
for ALL  EU..... Greece is part of EU
I have the following contacts in Greece
Ministry of Agriculture:
tel  30 1 883 6420    fax  30 1 822 9188
Also, USDA in Austin, TX
tel 512.383.2400   fax  512.916.5197  
You should have no problem taking these pets to Greece
You should be able to take them as excess baggage, but not in the
cabin.  Check with the airline you travel on
Regards, Jerry