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Travelling with a Dog to Rwanda

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QUESTION: Dear Jerry:
I plan to travel to Rwanda with my small dog from Korea via Frankfurt and Brussels next week. I have prepared all documents proving vaccinations. But, I still wonder whether I can make it.
If you have information raised by Torri on 5/30/2008, it must be a great help for me. His case must be identical to me. Thank you for your kindness.

ANSWER: Torri was starting off from the USA.  You are starting off in Korea.
Two quite different situations.  Next Week?  Why did you wait so
long to ask for info?
How long is this trip? Are you returning to Korea in a short time?
If so, I would strongly suggest leaving the dog in Korea.
What airline(s) are you going on? Is there a break in FRA and or
Not knowing more as to your travel plans, I am limited to what I can
I can see you needing to meet EU requirements.  Microchip. Rabies
vac at least 30 days old and less than 1 year. Health cert issued
within 10 days of travel.  Also, having the EU form(s) 998 in
English and, maybe both: French and German.
Have you checked with the airlines?
If you leave either airport at FRA or Brussels, with the dog, you
will need to clear customs and meet the EU requirements of either
or both countries.
Regards, Jerry

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Jerry for your prompt reply. I will be in Rwanda for six months. Airlines connecting flight to Kigali, Rwanda (Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Korean Airlines) have no difficulties in accepting my dog (Maltese specie) in cabin. What must be the greatest barrier is whether I will be allowed to overstay at the lounge of the Brussels Airport without checking-into Belgium. The last plane arriving in Brussels from Frankfurt is around 10:30, and the flight to Kigali is 10:30 next morning. The schedule means I will have about two hours for transit in Frankfurt, and 12 hours in Brussels. I am willing to overstay at the lounge with my dog. Thank you for your kind sharing of your expert opinion. Regards, Won-Gyu.

You really must contact Brussels Airlines.  Normally you would be
ushered from incoming flight at Brussels to the security lounge of
departing airline.  I think as long as you do NOT leave this secured
area, you would be ok.  But, only the airline can best answer this!
As to any area to exercise the dog, I just do not know.
Sorry, this is the best advice I can provide.
Regards, Jerry