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travelling with a beagle

25 10:10:19

Hi Patt

We are thinking of travelling for the first time by plane with our beagle.  We would like to bring him on as a carry-on pet.  The problem is that when we have tried to get him to go into the bag, he fights it.  Is there any medication we can buy over the counter or from a veterinarian that would calm him?  The flight time with connections would be around 5 hours.  Thanks.  Chris

Hi Chris
I know of nothing I would use over the counter, and when I flight I do not drug.
You might want to explain this to a vet and get help for him.?
It is more scarey to drug an animal for flights, not being one hundred percent hearing all the loud noise, see strang things going on and being moved about only blurs and makes the animal worse, my opinion.
Usually, when flighting the airlines gives a big break to flight a pet along also.?  I use U.S. Air, I love that airline with pets.
Other than my personal opinion, please ask the vet what he feels is right and would administer.

Kind Regards