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Taking our pet cat from Africa to the US

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I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda.  My husband and I adopted a cat from a volunteer who was going back to America.  The last few months we've grown very attached to our cat.  We've contemplated taking her back home to Georgia when we return in two or three years.  What're our options in the plane? How much would it cost? When we get to immigration, what's the protocol for getting her in country?  Do we need to get her out of the kennel for any inspection @ the airport? How many months in advance should the vet administer rabies shot before we leave Uganda?


Plane options and costs MUST be done at your end.  Can NOT be done in USA
Try to bring cat with you as excess baggage. Much cheaper and would clear customs with you
You certainly should get a rabies vac, as well as all other vacs SOON as possile.  You MUST  NOT
wait as the health of your cat depends upon this
For entry into USA, a health cert issued within 10 days of travel and a rabies vac at least
30 days old and less than one year.  So, this might mean: a rabies vac now, and another one
about 30 days before travel so as to be less than one year at time of travel.
At time of customs clearance here, you should not have to take cat out of kennel
Do you have a problem in case cat must be taken out of kennel?
Regards, Jerry Mishler