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Im traveling from US to Brazil and want to bring my dog.

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I've talked to the airline company and they told I'm going to need her to get several shots and a medical report. I've talk to her vet and she told me to look up what shots she needs and that she'll take care of the rest. I would like to know what kind of shots she needs.

She is a pom/yorkie mix. 1 1/2 years old, about 8lbs. The airline company said she'll be flying as a carry on.
She's had all her first shots and will be going in Wednesday for a couple other shots that she needs for this year.

We are traveling from Seattle, WA to Goiania GO Brazil. We will have to switch flights in Chicago and in Sao Paulo.

Will you please let me know all shots that I need and any thing else I might need. I don't want to have any last minute surprises.


Dear Isis
If your vet can not tell you, I certainly can't tell you what shots...
Certainly a rabies vac at least 30 days old and less than one yr.
If the airline tells you you need shots, ask them what shots they
will be looking for!!!
Check with the usda office in Washington state.  Check with the
Brazilian consulate nearest you.
Regards, Jerry Mishler