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Traveling with cat

25 10:07:30

Would you know what airline/s will allow me to travel with my cat, who will be in the cargo area, from Australia to Europe? There are no direct flights for this type of trip, usually two stop overs, or 31 hours. It's a 'killer' trip for most of us adults, let alone for pets. What is the best way to handle a case such as this? Thanks.

Dear Mirjana
You might consider non-stop to USA with a break in the Journey in US
then onward to Europe.  What country will your first stop be in
Europe?  This could make a big difference.
You may be required to use a pet shipper for export from Australia.
Visit:   for pet shippers.
Where in Australia will you leave from?
Perhaps with more info from you, then I might be able to help you
Regards, Jerry Mishler