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going to move

25 10:10:03

Your profile reads the utmost best to pet travel.
I am planning to move from the East coast to west coast with 2 dogs, 1 cat and a bird or parott.
What is my alternative to travel with the pets I have the safest way to take them or ship them I trust your judgement fully.

Hi Val
Thank you I have shipped many little pups and have had them imported from Germany also.

I think the safest way is flighting so many, maybe the dogs at least.  Is your flying take the cat on board, if not cover his cage and take him and the birds with you. The dogs will need a ten day health certificate from the vet good only for ten days.
I used to take my birds or parrotts to horse shows every weekend, they loved the people and excitement.  They travel well, but cover the cage for a time till it gets used to it if your driving.
There are air rides they cost more as they specialize in pet travel, but I have had NO problems with the airlines, they handle pets with great care now.  Years back a different story.
The dogs u should practice in flight crates airlines approved, they must be able to stand up turn around and the ears are not touching for the right size.  If u call this company where I get mine they will help with the size.   Shred alot of papers I have a paper shredder to do this and take along extra to clean before flight.  Take dishes, towels, food, bottled water, toys, seed, leashes and collar.  Practice with the dogs half hour a day in their crates so they are used to them.
If u need further help, let me know.

Kind Regards