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Move to Hawaii with cat who has FIV?

25 10:09:33

We are considering accepting a job in Hawaii, but we have a cat with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  She was an abandoned kitty and contracted the disease while living on the streets.  I understand Hawaii has a very strict policy about rabies, but what about FIV?  Will we be able to bring our cat?  What will we need to do to bring her?

Dear Julie    Thanks for your email.  Sorry for the delay
as I have been on the road all day.
It is best for me to direct you to page 4 of my:    There is a direct link to
Hawaii.  Best for you to contact them with your questions.
Where are you now, or where will you be going from if you
do go to Hawaii?  I perhaps can give you some assistance
or at least advice about shipping.
Hope this helps.  Do keep in touch with further questions,
Sincerely,  Jerry Mishler    and Good Luck