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Travel to/From Canada

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We are traveling to Canada this summer with our dog.  We will leave home six weeks before crossing the border in MT.  We will be in Canada about one week  and then return into Idaho.  Our dog is in good health and current on all shots, has a tattoo id and microchip.  What else do we need and when?  Do we need a aphis 7001 international h.c.?  How do we get one?  Thanks for your help.

You probably just need a regular health cert and you get it from a
vet.  It is best that this is within 10 days of crossing into
Canada.  Probably will not ever have to show it.  Rabies cert is
most important.  
Before leaving USA ask U.S. customs if that paperwork will be
sufficient to return.  Also, ask Canadian customs as you enter if this will be ok to leave with.
You will probably need to visit a local vet in MT.
Regards, Jerry Mishler