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Transporting my 165 lb Bullmastiff & family

25 10:07:04

I'm looking for transportation to relocate my family including my 165 lb
bullmastiff.  My family includes 2 wheelchair bound people (my 31 year old
daughter and 83 year old mother), my husband and myself. Is this an avenue to
find transport from Hawaii to Washington DC or somewhere nearby?  How often
would there be flights from Hawaii?

Hi Debra,

The only information I can provide you as far as safely traveling with your 165 Mastiff is to contact the Dogtravel Company.  They provide custom built in-cabin crateless flights for dogs of all sizes.  

Mastiffs are prone to suffer from respiratory distress when traveling in cargo holds. They are brachycephalic (short nosed / sinused) and traveling in the cargo hold where the air pressure does NOT remain the same as on land or in the passenger cabin can be lethal to your dog.

Because all travel is custom built, Dogtravel can work with your family to help with the wheelchairs as well.  

Dogtravel is the only company that provides in-cabin crateless flights for dogs of all sizes.  All the commercial airlines require pets to travel in cargo, and currently there are no airlines other than Dogtravel allowing pets of any kind to travel in the passenger cabin of the aircraft - not even cats!

There is no regular schedule since all flights are custom built, but you can find out more at  or by calling 877-878-5774.

Chris Shoulet
Dogtravel Company