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Travelling with a cat from USA to Italy

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We are going to fly from S.Francisco to Bologna (Italy) with a 3 months old kitten. Do you know what kind of documents we have to have and what vaccinations are required for the kitten? After two months we will go back to USA. When we leave from Italy, will we need different paper works or shoots? Is it safe for a kitten to travel for many hours?
Thank you very much!

Dear Antonella
Your kittie I think is in that gray area.  Some countries in EU will allow young pets in without
rabies vac.  I think, but ONLY think, that Italy will require a rabies vac.  If so, it then must
be at least 30 days old.  Some countries will allow in at 21 days after rabies vac
Kittie will need, at least:  microchip    APHIS 7001 international health cert issued within 10 days of travel and endorsed by usda, and, the EU form 998  English-Italian which records rabies
and microchip info, and also endorsed by usda
To return to USA, will only need a new health cert, and a rabies cert
I highly recommend you contact:   for up to date requirements
Wish I could be more specific as to rabies vac, but I think best for you to get proper info
right from the horses mouth....
Please let me know how this works out
Regards, Jerry Mishler