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Moving from Kuwait to England

25 10:06:17

I am currently working in Kuwait and plan on returning home to England for Summer in June and I wanted to know if it would be possible to bring my cats with me. The cats will not be returning to Kuwait as my Mother wants to care and look after them. Is there any way I would be able to do this? I have been told it is possible to do all of the bloodwork and paperwork here prior to my visit. The latest I can change my return date to is the beginning of August, would that be enough time? Many thanks. Louise

Dear Louise
I am sorry.  I have answered this question soooo many times for others.  Please   Go to p.4 of my website.  There is a link to
DEFRA   They will answer ALL your questions.  Do NOT take advice from
anyone else as it will be too confusing.
This is by far the best advice anyone can give you
Good luck
Jerry Mishler