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Returning to Greece taking my dog with me.

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I am living in Bahrain and I am planning to take my dog, a yellow Labrador, about one year old, to Athens, Greece.
Where can I find the regulations covering the documentation for such transfer? What is the best method to prepare his box for the flight, considering that it would be a 5 to 6 hour travel?

Dear Konstantinos
Since Greece is part of the EU, you will need to meet their
requirements.  The minimum will be: Microchip; rabies vaccination
at least 30 days old and less than one year; a valid health certificate issued in Bahrain
Now then, it is quite likely you will ALSO need a blood test for
the rabies titre and you may need a 3 month wait after the test.
From the USA this test is NOT necessary, but from certain 3rd class
countries it is.  
Your local veterinarian should be able to help direct you.  Also,
contact the Greek Embassy or Consulate nearest you, and have them
provide an address and/or email for the proper animal authority in
Greece for you to contact.  And/or, contact the Greek customs
authorities and/or public health.  
Airlines serving Bahrain to Greece may also be of help. They can
tell you what you need as they are responsible for having proper
documents when they accept a pet for travel.
For kennel preparation: We simply put down several layers of
newspaper, then, shred some additional paper. A small towel or blanket
also helps.  Some countries have restrictions as to what can be
in the shipping kennel, so, again, your local airline can advise you.
You can also visit   and see if there might be a
professional pet shipper in Bahrain and/or Greece who can offer
assistance.  Avoid using a pet shipper outside these two countries
as their charges will be out of this world!!! You should be able to
do this yourself.  Taking the dog with you as excess baggage, if you
can, will be MUCH cheaper than shipping as cargo.
Please advise me if you need further assistance.
Regards, Jerry Mishler