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Dogs traveling to Nicaragua

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QUESTION: We are a Veterinary Office researching how to help a pet owner travel to Nicaragua with her two dogs. There is very little information offered online. She is flying at the end of May. We will complete a health cert for each pet, and make sure their vaccines are up to date, but what else is necessary? I've read that once she gets the health certs, she has to take them to get notarized, but by whom? Then what does she need to do? Also, is there a website I can get more info? Thanks for your help!

ANSWER: Dear Traci
Where are you located?  What airline(s) are they flying on?
Be sure to use the aphis 7001 international h.c.  Must be less than
10 days old at time of travel. Must be endorsed by usda.
Also, rabies vac at least 30 days old and less than 1 yr.
Highly recommend microchips, even when not required
The owner should contact the embassy or consulate for up to date info
I don't know of a pet shipper down there to refer you to
Owner should try to take pets as excess baggage, rather than cargo
Much cheaper and they would clear customs with the owner
Hope this helps. Let me know
Regards, Jerry Mishler

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We are located in Santa Cruz, CA. Not sure what airline they are taking?? We use an aphis h.c., just don't know if it's  "7001 international". I do know we use it for most int'l travel though. Both dogs rabies vax done in 12/08, so we are good there, but neither have been microchipped. How do I direct the pet owner to the usda? Is there a specific # I can give her? Also, they do the notorizing, so she should take the h.c. to them after we prep it? Thanks again!

Dear Traci
You MUST be accredited to sign international h.c. in the first place.
Then you should know what h.c. you are using.  In the past, all
international h.c. should have been sent to the usda office in
Sacramento for endorsement.  If you have not been doing this, something
is wrong.  I don't have their phone # handy.
These h.c. usually can just be sent by FedEx or UPS
Wish I could be of more help, but I am in Washington DC
Good luck
Jerry Mishler
p.s.  I highly recommend you contact Sue Andrews at Pet Transfer
in Oakland for further assistance. tel 800.330 4738