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recently loss of a mate

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Bandit by himself
Bandit by himself  
My bunny Nibbles passed away this Monday. She had a mate she had bonded with who is now alone.  We usually bring them everywhere including the vets so we wouldn't break their bond, but had to separate them when we brought her in because we knew she'd be going into an incubator or being kept over night. I let Bandit, her mate, see her body for closure. He was constantly looking for her and hiding in her favorite spots. After seeing the body and sniffing she hopped away and then came back and started scraping my leg like a dog digging and biting and tugging on my shirt as I kneeled down next to him and gently told him it was OK. (Do you have an idea what he was trying to say?). So now I don't know if I should bond him with a new bunny or try bonding him with one of my other 2 couples, both male-female couples. The thing is both females are very protective of their males, and one pair has a blind male. I have set up our upstairs so the single bunny (Bandit) can hangout in our room with one couple(8LBS Rex and a mix American dwarf who is blind), separated by a metal folding fence. And he can also hang out at the entrance of the other 2 (a 12LBS New Zealand and his mate a mix-lop 7LBS)also separated with a gate in their doorway. My bunnies have their own bedroom for each couple. I want my little Bandit to be happy. Should I get him his own mate or try bonding him with one of the other couples?
Please help me.
Thank you,

hi he was probably  trying to ask you where is mate had gone to.
it will be very hard to try and bond it with a strange rabbit as they will only fight .
it may ne best to try and bond it with a rabbit it already knows but then again be prepared for them to fight at first.