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Strange eating habits

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We adopted my spayed dutch rabbit 3 years ago from the Humane Society where she had been taken in from a wildlife org. that had found her wandering.  She is an awesome rabbit - she roams our house freely and was great with our mini poodle who is sadly no longer with us.  She doesn't chew on things and is completely litter trained.  The one difficult thing with her is that she doesn't enjoy a normal rabbit diet.  She hates hay of any kind and barely touches her pellets (tried several kinds including oxbow timothy based).  She only wants people food - carrots, bananas, apples, leaf lettuce, spinach, KALE (huge eater of this), parsley, sometimes pineapple, green beans.  She gets tired of some of these items and then its nearly impossible to get her to eat anything.  She loved the dog's food alot so I allow her to continue to eat it as I feel she needs SOMETHING to keep her going (and our vet said it was ok).  She also enjoys a saltine cracker now and then.  She is definitely not a fat bunny.  What can I do to get her to eat more normally?

Dear Barb,

The first thing I'd do is rule out molar problems as the source of her picky eating habits.  Many bunnies develop dental spurs as they age, and these can cause strange, picky eating habits.  Please read:

and find an experienced rabbit vet here:

who can look deep into the mouth and see if there are any spurs or other oral problems that could be causing enough pain to generate her picky eating habits.

Hope this helps.