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Is my rabbit pregnant?

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Is my rabbit Allie pregnant? She is really aggressive now, bites, scratches and snorts and won't let me pick her up anymore so I can't let her out for her daily runs anymore, isn't eating as much as she used to and isn't interested in her male rabbit friend, Noah, at all. When I first got her we put her inside the cage and let Noah hop around her, they were all over each other through the bars (by all over I mean sniffing and rubbing faces), we didn't put them together because we weren't sure if she was pregnant or not and didn't want them to mate. The male rabbit is my friend Shantelle's, we let them be friends but in separate cages next to each other as we don't want them to breed but we do want them to each have companionship (this is only occasionally usually they are both by themselves). So they haven't had sex at all, but when I got Allie from the SPCA they said she had been surrendered to them, and had been in with an entire mini lop male and could be pregnant. So I didn't want her to be pregnant at all yet as she is only six months old and still new as a pet. She is getting very territorial of her cage, bite and attacks when you put your hand in to give her food. I'm not sure if I even want her to have the babies because she is so moody and I am scared she will eat them or kill them and I couldn't cope with that. I read online that you can tell if you feel movement but I tried to touch her and she bit me so I'm not sure how else to find out. Please help as my friend, Shantelle, who owns the male rabbit has had her female rabbits have babies before and she says that her girl rabbit Sophie acted exactly like that but she was a good pet and didn't bite Shantelle. Allie is a mini lop, I rescued her from the SPCA and I would be gutted if she had babies as I know how hard it is to find homes for rabbits which is why I rescued her and didn't get one from a breeder. Allie is usually a happy rabbit, I get her out everyday for an hours run around or so, and she also plays chase with my cat (she chases him and vice versa, in a friendly way, they love each other although I don't trust my cat enough to leave them alone together). I haven't gotten her out since she has started being angry which was today, yesterday and the day before that. She used to come up to your hand eagerly for pats and also used to try and get out of her cage, by standing on her hind legs when I would open it but now she doesn't do that and she bites and attacks anything that goes in the cage. Please help me as I am not sure what to do, being a teenager and am very worried about Allie. Thank you for your time.

Without knowing what happened before you got the rabbit.and without doing a physical examination I cannot answer your question.
Rabbits gestation period is 28-31days so if you count back when you got it you can determine if she may have been bred.
Mini lops by nature tend to be more aggressive .
Good luck