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Red in litter box

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Red chip
Red chip  
Two night ago, my friend found some red in her rabbit's litter box and asked me for help. She told me that the rabbit is acting normally, eating normally, etc.
I told her to clean the litter box so that, if it happened again, she could have a clearer look at what it was.
Yesterday morning she sent me this picture of what she found. She says that it is thin and dry, and I'm sort of at a loss now.
Do you know what might be happening, and what do you advise?
Thank you!

Dear April,

It certainly looks like blood.  And if the bunny is an unspayed female, then it's time to get her to a good, experienced rabbit vet for a spay.  Find one here:

If this happened more than one day, it's not likely from a broken nail.  But do check bunny's toenails to be sure one or two did not break and cause this. That might be the culprit.

But even so, unspayed females have a very high risk of uterine cancer.  Blood spotting can be the first (and sometimes only) sign.  Time for a full exam from a rabbit-savvy vet.

I hope this helps.