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A rescue bunny from a local cat

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Hello! My name is Kamille. I live in the country, with alfalfa fields and everything. And as such, we have lots of bunnies at this time of year. But my neighbors cat got a hold of what seems like a litter of them, three dead bunnies lined up at our door. But one was still living. S/he isn't overly injured, just a cut and some missing fur on their lower left back. But something I'm more concerned about... It looks like the cat either dislocated his hip, or broke his rear left leg. We're not bunny experts, we look after pigs and cows and stuff. The six year old who's been taking care of s/he really, really wants his back left leg to get all better. I don't know how to take care of this little guy, he looks to be a few weeks old. Eyes are open, ears alert, he hops around on his three legs. The other just hangs back behind him, swinging. I don't know how to splint it, or even if it's broken or just paralysed. (He has a pretty nasty cut on that thigh muscle). None of the nearest vets treat wildlife, is there a way you can help me? He's either a jackrabbit or a cottontail.


you can try to keep it clean, use a 1:1 water/hydrogen peroxide dilution (ie half strength).  You can also try to splint it if it really does appear to be broken, just know its to try to give him some use of the leg, it will never be normal.  Popsicles with animal bandages can work in a pinch.

If he lives he can manage alright with a leg that is imperfect, he can still have a happy life, as more of a pet, not a wild bunny.  He is young enough that you may be able to raise him as a pet animal.

I suggest going to the House Rabbit Web site ( and searching for articles on "newborn", "baby", "orphan".  You will get relevant articles that can help out.

Also if you chekc the website for other rabbit organizations at the state levels, you may find one near you and if you can contact them, they may be able to help you or know who can.

Right now he should be kept warm and allowed to snuggle in clean cotton towels and tshirts with hay and water (in a small bowl or small ceramic crock) and pellets.