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My angora rabbit has a blood blister on his lip

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QUESTION: Hi, I have an English angora jr buck who has what apears to be a blood blister on his lip. It is really close to fair so I wanted to know if you had any good ways to treat it,Thank you! There is wool on it so it is hard to see the redness.

ANSWER: Hi Natalie:

It's impossible for me to diagnose a physical problem without seeing the rabbit OR seeing a picture of the rabbit.  It's highly unlikely that it is actually a blood blister, therefore you wouldn't treat it as one.

I've love to help you, but I'll need a close up photo of the blister and a picture of the rabbit overall.  As soon as I get the photos, I can help you further.

Lisa L.

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QUESTION: Hi, again tahnk you for your help Lisa. Here is a photo.

ANSWER: Please send me the details I requested in my last answer.

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QUESTION: Here is a photo of him before he got whatever he has on his lip.


I truly want to help you - and your bunny.  Please realize that it is very difficult to diagnose an illness without actually seeing and examining the rabbit.  The only way for me to make an accurate diagnosis is to have you provide me the details I've requested.

In my last 3 replies to you, I asked you questions on the size, shape, texture, etc. of the "bump" on your buck's lip.  Saying he has something that "looks like a blood blister" is not enough information for me to assist you.

He could have an injury, an insect bite, an abscess, or one of many other possibilities.

If you would please provide me the answers to the questions I asked about the bump on his lip, I'll do my best to help you.  Without that info, I cant even guess.

If you are not comfortable feeling the bump to gather the info I requested, then please take him to a vet for a proper diagnosis.

His treatment will depend on the actual problem and I cant help you diagnose the problem when you haven't provided me any of the information I requested.

I hope to hear back from you with the details and if not, please take him to a rabbit-savvy vet.

Lisa L.

I need you to feel and examine the lump so I can try to decide if it's an injury, an insect bite or sting, an abscess or other problem.

Is the bump raised or is it just a flat red area on his lip?
If its raised, about how big is it?
Feel and squeeze the lump - does it feel like its water filled or does it feel like its full of something the consistency of modeling clay?
When you squeeze it, does anything come out or does whatever its filled with just move around within the bump.

Put one finger on the lump and another in his mouth on the underside of the lump.  Does it feel like the lump is only on the lip or does it feel like it started as a growth "IN" the lip?

How long has it been there and what did it look like when it first appeared?

Has it been growing in size?

These answers will help me diagnose the issue.