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broken bunny toe

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broken bunny toe
My bunny got spooked and jumped out of my arms and broke his toe. His toe is, as far as I can tell, broken in two pieces. He sits on it a bit, licks his foot, he limps when he walks, and flicks his foot when he moves. its only been a few short hours since and there is not much swelling, however the toe looks to be bent upwards and painful. what can i do to help him feel better until I can take him to the vet in a few days when the vet is available. Are there over the counter meds. I can get him, similar as asprin to humans?

Hi Ashley

As with humans who break their  toes there is not much you can do.  I would not give him anything over the counter.  Just make sure he is eating and drinking and even though he is licking his toe excessively it will heal in time.   Just make sure to get him examined by a vet as soon as you are able.